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Tyretattz Tyre Letters - Installation Guide

Items Required:

  • Heavy Duty Degreaser (Approx $2 from Autobarn)
  • Rubbing Alcohol (Coles sells it in the health section, ISOCOL brand, but any will do)
  • 100 Grit sandpaper ($2 from Autobarn)
  • Masking tape
  • Old Rags/Cloths/T-shirts

Important Tips:

  1. Letters only go on one way.  However some may be mistakenly put on the wrong way like the letter ”O”. You should lay them out spelling your word prior to install. All letters have a curve on the top to follow the tyre edge.
  2. Best to install when tyres have not been just driven on. Wait approx 30min-1hr. This allows the rubber to be in a stable state.
  3. Best to have the application area of tyre on the top position. If applying 2 words on each end of tyre, remember to wait 1hr curing time before moving the vehicle so that the 2nd area is on top.
  4. Watch the install under How to Install>Install videos, these will give you a good overview.


  1. All kit materials and tires must be dry and kept in a climate no colder than 18°C for a minimum of one hour before installation.
  2. Spray the area of the tyre with degreaser and wipe off with rag. You want to do this until the rag wipes almost clean. 
  3. You also know you are done when the rag does not want to move in a scrubbing motion any longer due to excess friction from the clean rubber. If your tyre is not sufficiently clean, the letters will not be permanent!
  4. This step is generally for rubber areas that are smooth. Cut out the sandpaper to small 1” square (easy to hold) and swipe the area with 100 grit sandpaper. This is just to scratch the surface a little. Most tyres will have markings and lines and so this step is not critical as it not a smooth surface to begin with.
  5. Wipe the area with rubbing alcohol using a clean cloth.
  6. Gather the letters to be applied.
  7. Use a clean cloth and rubbing alcohol to wipe the back of the letters (side that will stick to the tyre) to clean it from any manufacturing residue. Let it dry out. DO NOT TAKE THIS STEP LIGHTLY! YOUR KITS WILL NOT BE PERMANENT IF YOU SKIP ANY STEPS. DO NOT USE CITRUS BASED CLEANERS OR OTHERS THAT LEAVE BEHIND AN OILY RESIDUE
  8. Add Glue to the back of the letter. Squeeze and apply to the ‘border/outline’ of the letter, then stop squeezing and use the nozzle to spread the glue to fill the rest of the letter area. Remember less is more.
  9. Stick the letter onto the tyre. Apply pressure to letter, letting glue set for 15-30 seconds while rubbing from center to outside of letter/graphic to remove air bubbles. Repeat for all letters. Wait at least 1 hour to cure
  10. Go for a test drive.  When you return, inspect the letters and retouch any edges (you can use masking tape to hold down edges after reapplication of glue)
Maintenance Tips:
  1. Avoid using Tyre black/shine or any silicon based products on the area of letters. Tyre black/shine may be applied to the black areas of the tyre after 24hrs of install but be careful of tyre shine sling onto letters as the silicone breaks down the stain resistant properties of the material
  2. Tyres letter may be cleaned using acrylic wheel brush and products. After a long while, if you would like to refresh the colour, you can use some degreaser or JIF on the letters and use a brush to clean them. Ensure you rinse off any product with water. DO NOT USE BLEACH BASED PRODUCTS