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Tyretattz Tyre Letters - Frequently Asked Questions

What size lettering should I buy for my tyres? 

We highly recommend measuring your tyre before ordering, this is quick and easy, just measure between the two manufacturing lines on the tyres, make sure the letters wont go into the tread. 

However as a **guide** you may apply the following:​

  • 0.5" Lettering up to 25 Profile Tyres

  • 0.75" Lettering for 25-35 Profile Tyres

  • 1.0" Lettering for 35-45 Profile Tyres

  • 1.3" Lettering for 45+ Profile Tyres

  • 40mm Lettering for 4x4 & Off Road Tyres

Note: We cannot be held responsible for purchase of incorrect size

Will the colour of the letters fade over time? No, the letters are made with a special patented colouring that will last the life of your tyre

What glue is used to stick the letters on the tyres?  A special patented industrial glue is provided with each kit sold
 Do I have to put my tyre brand on the tyres? No, you can put whatever you like on your tyres, if you can spell it, we can supply it. Some ideas are business name, club name, nickname, team name
How do I clean the letters?  To clean the letters, simply spray with some degreaser or use some jif and brush off and rinse

How long do the letters take to install?  This varies on the number of letters you have. The minimum time would be 1 hour for shorter words and it goes upwards from there. The key however is in the preparation, refer our Install guide page.

Can I use tyre shine on the letters? Only a water based tyre shine may be used. Do not use bleach or silica based products on the letters

How long is delivery? Delivery timeframes are approx 3-5 business days