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What we love about NOVA JET is that it can enhance the hydrophobic surface structure of almost any surface and provide strong levels of UV & Contaminant Protection.  You can use it over paintwork, glass, wheels, vinyl & plastics.


NOVA Jet is the Concours signature product that triggered the development of the Concours NOVA Coating range. It aims to transform any automotive surface, improving its aesthetics with immense gloss and providing substantial protection and hydrophobicity. 

The application of the product is extremely easy and can be applied as a standalone coating or on top of any sealing layer. It is a lot more resistant to chemicals than your traditional style paste waxes, yet can still gloss up the paintwork brilliantly. NOVA JET has a deep shine that amplifies reflections & pearls through the paint. It can last up to 6 months when used as a standalone coating. When used as a topper, over an existing wax, sealant or coating it will last 2-3 months.



  • Simple and easy Spray and Wipe application
  • Spray Nova Jet onto a clean microfiber cloth, or the surface of the vehicle
  • Wipe on with a clean microfiber cloth such as Concours 4 SEASONS General Purpose Cloth
  • Buff off the residue with another clean microfiber cloth