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Racing Stripes - Vinyl Decals

Racing stripes are becoming popular for car enthusiasts and tuned cars.  We have put together DIY Kits to transform your car.  These are a great base to pair with motorsports brand decals.

Our premium vinyl stickers kits are sourced from 3M and Avery (market leaders in vinyl and decals for the automotive industry).  These kits are unlike other inferior cheaper kits sold on the market. 


Would you trust unbranded decals / vinyls on your pride and joys paint work?  Neither would we, use trusted brands.

 Installation video: Guide to installing racing stripes

NOTE: This is just a guide on how to install

1. Can be installed dry (does not need to be wet like the video)

2. Use painters tape and a spirit level app on you phone to ensure level.

3. A credit card or similar can be used wrapped in a cloth press decal onto surface or just simply use you hands.